GRAND KILLA CON Featured on Bandcamp Weekly

Congratulations Grand Killa Con! Y’all made it to the latest episode of Bandcamp’s Weekly show!

You know your album – La Barranca – is gaining mad clout when filtered out among the hundreds of uploads Bandcamp receives every day. What better way to celebrate than to give the people more of what they want! Just released today, check out their video for Bad Shape, the featured song on Bandcamp this week.

 Keep a lookout for more musical madness from Luke Sick & Brycon!

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New Album + New Video: LA BARRANCA + WE ARE GKC by Grand Killa Con

Luke Sick is in-your-face and Brycon is in the back blowin’ it up with the beats. La Barranca, Grand Killa Con’s second full-length album available for download now and on vinyl May 23, is straight up gully and grimy, just the way fans expect it to be.

With a twisted collage video to go with almost each of the dozen tracks, Luke Sick’s lyrics are comprised of straightforward statements you may not want to hear, but are issues that definitely need to be addressed. If he sounds a tad angry, he’s just trying to get his message across. Brycon’s production is well-matched and executed, fully supporting Luke Sick’s vocal visuals.


New Video: DEAD PHEASANT by Grand Killa Con

It’s grimy. It’s dark. It’s just the way they like it.

Brycon and Luke Sick give you another glimpse into their aesthetic minds with Dead Pheasant, the latest leak off their upcoming album, La Barranca – due out digitally in a few weeks and on wax May 23. The concept he is referring to is taken from the writings of Hakim Bey concerning a Temporary Autonomous Zone or TAZ for short.

 “In my Autonomous Temp. Zone, I’mma keep it all one hundred with the hemp rolled.”

According to Bey, “The TAZ is like an uprising which does not engage directly with the State; a guerilla operation which liberates an area (of land, of time, of imagination) and then dissolves itself to re-form elsewhere/elsewhen, before the State can crush it. Because the State is concerned primarily with Simulation rather than substance, the TAZ can “occupy” these areas clandestinely and carry on its festal purposes for quite a while in relative peace [kinda like underground music, no?]. The State cannot recognize it because History has no definition of it, making it a perfect tactic for an era in which the State is omnipresent and all-powerful and yet simultaneously riddled with cracks and vacancies. Babylon takes its abstractions for realities; precisely within this margin of error the TAZ can come into existence.”

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New Video: DATA CHECK by Grand Killa Con

Luke Sick and Brycon present Data Check, the first track off their upcoming album, La Barranca, due for digital release March 23 and on vinyl May 23.

“We combined a little reggae slang with some old school rap samples, just to show people how we set off the party.”

And party – we will! Brycon’s energetic production combined with Luke Sick’s grimy rhymes make one splendid track. Follow, Like, and Share Grand Killa Con or check for more monstrous music coming up in March!

“I shiver your liver quitter you ain’t considered all over the globe suckas need to stop the twitter snitchin’ on they damn self fake ass shit stain chop ’em in the neck when they comin’ off a Cal Train cake ass dick brains”

gkc data check

Drum Dealers Welcome Grand Killa Con

Grand Killa Con has just joined the Drum Dealership roster of talented artists and kicks off their new partnership with their single, Data Check.

Luke Sick is the emcee and Brycon is the producer. No strangers to the hip hop game, Luke Sick’s credentials include Sacred Hoop, Grand Invincible, Yole Boys, and Rime Force Most Illin’. Brycon’s production credits include Action Bronson, Murs, Masta Ace and many more.

Follow Grand Killa Con on their 2016 endeavors and beyond and check out more of their Bay Area bangers here!


Freemix: AT THE HOTEL by D-Wiz, Tahaj the First, and S.T.A.T.I.K.

 D-Wiz, Tahaj the First, and S.T.A.T.I.K. deliver a free track for all the lovely ladies just in time for Valentine’s Day. Add this track to your playlist now if you have plans for a steamy great night.

 “Until it’s yoga time, stretch them legs out, do the downward dog, in a room full of fog, oh no, is that the smoke alarm beeping, take the batteries out, it’s gonna be a long weekend.”



New Video: YUK THE WORLD by Otayo Dubb + Equipto

Not that we need any more reasons to love hip hop, but Otayo Dubb and Equipto truly embody the culture with their music in this video and with their actions as well. The emcees have lately devoted more time and effort for activism and have been encouraging others to join in the fight: mobilizing protests, holding those in power accountable for their actions (or lack thereof), organizing shut-downs, and taking a stand on things that matter.

“We’re staying political prisoners, I  know we can never really settle our differences, but until then,  hopin’ that you play  these songs, for the  homies dead and gone, that’s how they live on”

The Black & Brown Social Club, where the video was shot, is one place where the planning for the activism efforts sometimes takes place. The Club is a project of Compañeros del Barrio Preschool, Day Care, and Parent Support Project, which empowers people to believe in themselves and strives to strengthen the hands of our communities. Otayo and Equipto provided breakfast for the kids in the video, which undoubtedly helped gain new young fans to be down for the cause.

Listen to more of what Otayo and Equipto have to say on their album, Baby Steps, released last summer and check out more music by Solidarity Records.

NEW ALBUM: The Vegetable and The Bandidos by White Mic & Deuce Eclipse



First there was The Ferret, then there was The Alien; this latest installment presents: The Vegetable and The Bandidos. White Mic, of internationally-known Bored Stiff, treats us to 10 fresh tracks with Deuce Eclipse, of Bang Data. With features bySelf-Jupiter2Mex, Mr. Lif, Equipto, and more, you can imagine the powerhouse of poetry backed by a plethora of producers including TD Camp, Brycon Music, and Aries, with cuts by DJ Pause and Just Jay. White Mic is a pioneering contributor to Bay Area hip hop and has been recording music mainly as a stress reliever. Support his passion with this pay-what-you-want download available on Bandcamp now!


Boogie = a repetitive, swung note or shuffle rhythm, “groove” or pattern used in blues which was originally played on the piano in boogie-woogie music. The characteristic rhythm and feel of the boogie was then adapted to guitar, double bass, and other instruments. The earliest recorded boogie-woogie song was in 1916. <wikipedia>

Tahaj the First and DJ Kikkoman on the tables present Beats 2 Boogie 2 Volume 3.


c6bf4e_75bb94ec775b4b0a8d11ccc8e266c2c3 (1).png

When two makers of music put their minds together, magic happens. Tahaj the First produced the beats, turntablist S.T.A.T.I.K. picked them. Tahaj starts his music-making day digging for thrift store records, S.T.A.T.I.K. starts with music on his mind. This album is for the deejays, the cuttin’ and scratchin’ kind, the juggling and spinning kind, the kind who use their hands to rap to dope beats. Emcees also welcome to lease or purchase beats by Tahaj. Hit up the Drum Dealership: